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Innova Distribution unveils Stefani Parfumerie in VivoCity

Stefani Parfumerie, VivoCity Singapore #01-05

Originated in the heart of Appenzell, Switzerland, where space and time remarkably combine to create mindful moments of life’s enjoyment.

Establishing a settlement for fine home fragrances, Stefani Parfumerie (in Singapore) is a multi-brand boutique. Housing esteemed brands of fine home fragrances, Stefani Parfumerie appease to the needs of consumers with an adoration for fine fragrances and mindful living, helping you to add character and depth to your home with a decorative touch.Home fragrance is an avenue of self expression for the new age to decorate the space and personalise the air that speaks your character.

Discover the fragrance that touches and flatters your soul. Be pampered with delicates of the atmosphere; withdrawn from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Let fragrances reveal your personality and style.

“In mindfulness of these little things lies the simplest pleasure of the moment.”

- Brigitte Stefani, Founder

Stefani Parfumerie, Appenzell, Switzerland



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