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Our body is a mirror of what we eat and drink. This is why we do not use any ingredient that is not necessary.

Formulas designed with as few ingredients as possible to give you only what you need for your wellness, without any compromise.


Product Line


Beauty Elixirs

Beauty & wellness to drink
free from added chemicals – colourings
preservatives – alcohol – flavourings
sweeteners – lactose – gluten.

As true Swiss in creating products that reflect the highest quality standards.

Supported by a team of experts from all over Europe who are committed to creating unique, tailor-made formulas for your wellness in our laboratories in Switzerland.


Award - Winning, Patented Formula

Biokern uses an exclusive technology, winner of the Gold Pharma Award that guarantees high efficacy even at low dosages.

This innovative formulation protects the active ingredients by making them soluble and more easily absorbed by our body

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