Glasshouse Fragrances

Glasshouse Fragrances amplify and redefined the home fragrance market in Australia. The brand believes that its products are more about artistry than science. Famous for its Triple Scented Candles and Reed Diffusers inspired by exotic locations across the world, the fragrance house believes the power of scent can fortify fantasies, arouse individuality leave oneself feeling fabulous. Glasshouse Fragrances has since become a covetable fragrance collectibles.

Product Line


Using some of the highest fragrance loads in the industry, Triple Scented Candles last longer and the candle can achieve same performance in a shorter period of time. Made with food grade wax with natural cotton to provide a clean burn. The exquisite quality packaging and beautiful air tight and reusable glass jars makes unique collectables and storages.

"Glasshouse Fragrances Destination Triple Scented Candles take you to places you'd rather be."


The luxurious Hand Washes and Hand Crèmes are fragrances that leave your hands irresistibly scented.


Rich in Argan Oil and other antioxidants, hey are hydrating and deeply nourishing, leaving your hands soft and silky smooth.

The collection allows you to bring your favourite scent wherever you go.



The Glasshouse Destination Collection is inspired by exotic locations across the world. It delivers long, lasting, fine fragrances. Handmade in Australia, the collection is triple scented to deliver one of the strongest fragrance releases on the market. 


The Triple Scented Diffusers are designed to diffuse fragrance into the air by drawing the fragrance through the high quality natural fibre reeds.

Unlike candles which only emits fragrances when lit, fragrance diffusers make spaces smell divine all the time. 

Perfect choice for gifts and home with children or pets.

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