Culti Milano

CULTI MILANO represents a unique approach to lifestyle and interior design. The brand was created by eccentric Italian interior designer, Alessandro Agrati. The philosophy of the brand is incorporated in each product based on the idea of luxury and genuine sense of tranquility. Being the trailblazer with an unrivalled benchmark in the world of luxury home fragrances, CULTI MILANO remains the leading brand for research, quality and exclusivity of its iconic fragrances.

Product Line


The sculpted square bottles in thick glass are true furniture accessories capable of asserting their presence in any setting, from the most classic to the most design-oriented.


An olfactory palette of fragrances enclosed in frosted glass cylindrical bottles with caps in natural maple wood and ivory paper.


The new collection of reed diffusers - colours; made up of original olfactory experience, are conceived in CULTI MILANO's classic fragrances of Aramara, Thè, Mareminerale and Tessuto.

The classic fragrances are housed in orange, green, brown and blue glass bottles paired with maple wood caps and its iconic ton-sur-ton labels. The stylish collection was specially designed to go well in any environment; whether homes, businesses, or hospitality structures, adding personality and versatility.