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From the sanctuary of the Blue Mountains, Australia, "iKOU" is a Japanese term for rest, relax and restore. The brand promotes daily rituals of rest and relaxation, inviting you to indulge in natural and ethically sourced ingredients and offsets production with Solar & Wind energy. iKOU is socially responsible and believes in being a business that benefits all. The brand with a humble beginning now furnishes luxury spa across Australia with its aromatherapy blends.



From the sanctuary of the Blue Mountains, an Australian couple spreads the relaxed holiday vibe throughout everyday life.

Described as a "couple who live and breathe blissfulness", iKOU Founders Naomi & Paul Whitfeld have created a brand that

inspires health and happiness.

Their journey began in a flower petal bath in Ubud, Bali, a moment that touched their lives forever and inspired them to create a brand that encourages daily rituals to bring the holiday feel into everyday life.


Moments to rest, relax, restore.


iKOU believes in the synergy of luxury and environmental awareness and uses only ethically sourced Natural and Organic ingredients with production offset with Solar and Wind power.

iKOU is socially responsible and believes in a “business that benefits all” supporting Fair Trade and Australian growers.


The products are inspired by global spa culture – a perfect way to find relaxation and balance in our everyday life through healthy and happy living.

Eco-Luxury Home Fragrance, a unique range based on the principles of Aromacology, which is the specific study of scent and its powerful effect on ones’ mind, mood and wellbeing.


Product Line

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iKOU Eco-Luxury Aromacology Diffuser Reeds feature crisp white, matte hexagonal gift boxes with silver-foil embossing, origami lids and Chromology colour coding. 

The superior grade glasses are enhanced with shiny silver tall collars and thick natural rattan reeds.

A best selling iKOU range, loved for the true quality of iKOU essential oil scent blends, thick natural rattan reeds for maximum scent throw and impressive lifespan of up to 9 months, with diffuser reed refills available.

iKOU Aroma Diffuser Reeds are the effortless way to create a continually scented atmosphere and mood throughout your environment.


Like the Eco-Luxury Diffusers, the candles are housed in crisp white, matte hexagonal gift boxes with silver-foil embossing, origami lids and Chromology colour coding.


The superior grade, heavy glasses are designed in opaque white with light-reflecting benefits, creating a bright ambience while filling the room with luxuriously layered essential oil based scents.

iKOU natural wax candles are renowned for quality and purity, made with 100% natural wax, that is ethically sourced.


Hand-poured in their Studio in the beautiful Blue Mountains, Australia, offsetting production with Solar & Wind Power.

iKOU body care ritual.jpg


iKOU's premium 100% organic body & skin care products ranges from moisturizers, bath soak, body wash, face mists and many more.


iKOU products are hand blended in the World Heritage Listed Blue Mountains, one of Australia’s natural wonders. Stretching for over 1,000,000 hectares, the area is an inspiring mix of rainforest, canyons and heathlands, fresh air and healthy living.

Pamper yourself today! Light some candles, and sink into the blissful waters of an iKOU Aromatherapy bath.

The ritual of bathing restores balance of body and mind.

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